Calling All Leaders and CEO’s – What’s in Your Summer Toolkit?

How can it already be July? It’s already late to review your second quarter results. Were there any surprises? How are you celebrating your wins with the team? 

July is also re-set month. Take the time to review what worked in the first half of the year – and what didn’t. Make sure your plans for Q3 will deliver predictable results. In order to maximize the effects of all of your resources, use them! Every employee should know how the work they do makes a difference on the bottom line. Every employee should know what the measurements for success are. And every employee should be known by their organization.

When employees are engaged, encouraged and challenged, they bring their best selves to the office. When people bring their best selves, they are consistently innovating and making everything better than it was yesterday. It’s what motivates all of us. Your job is to set the vision and keep it in check.

Take the time this month to do your 10-point mid-year maintenance check. I’m happy to send it to you or visit us to download a copy. 

Insights brings all of the pieces together, to ensure an engaged workforce and predictable results. You can find more here.

All the best for a predictable and successful Q3.

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