Our People

Our People

It’s time you met our leadership team

Kirsti Tcherkoyan

Founder & Chief Insights Officer

Kirsti is passionate about creating companies that people love to work at. She gets it — most of us have to go to work every day. But how would the world be different if people went to work and really loved the work they did? The vision for 20/20 Insights was born out of that dream of making a difference. When she isn’t at work, you can find Kirsti working with entrepreneurs in Uganda and Kenya. In 2024 she will be taking our first cohort of clients to East Africa in order to continue to grow our community of great places for people to work.

Daniel Cannon

Chief Technology Officer

Daniel is passionate about building great technology. And while he is a complete data geek, he also has a keen sense that human beings drive what technology enables. When he isn’t in front of multiple screens Daniel is an avid cook and makes a mean Posole.

Our Advisory Board

Cynt Marshall

Chief Executive Officer Dallas Mavericks

Doug Feirstein

LiveOps.com & Hired.com

John Dicconson

Co-Founder Tech Care Now Associates

Katharine English

Head of Business Value Consulting in the Americas
Google Cloud

Marie Seipenko

Business Coach
Trinitas Advisors

Susan Cook

Past Vice President, Operations and Planning ClimateWorks Foundation

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