Culture & Values

A world where work is fulfilling & life is good

Why Culture Matters

2020 Insights was formed with a passion to help others succeed. We’re not your typical software company. We’re experienced people professionals with a drive to see companies excel. Our mission is to make every company a great place to work. We partner with organizations to build cultures of collaboration and transparency.
Many people think a company’s culture is defined by fun events and memorable milestones. We believe it can be much more than that. It is the blending of our vision, purpose and core behaviors. At 2020 Insights, we are proud to celebrate our team culture and to help you build your own.

Culture is defined by your Core Values

Your core values should be discussed as often as possible. By design, we encourage managers to discuss company’s core values during every 1:1 conversation.

Employees feel engaged and encouraged to exemplify their company values. We know employees want to work at companies that exhibit a great culture with a good sense of values. By discussing core values often, employees recognize the importance their leadership team puts on its people and culture.

Insights provides the catalyst for positive change within your organization through:

  • Identifying and integrating your company’s vision, purpose and core values into everything you do

  • Incorporating your values into every 1:1 conversation

  • Increasing your employee experience and building a culture of trust between team members and its stakeholders