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About Us

We’re not your typical software company

We’re a passionate group of people professionals with experience in human resources and strategic coaching.

Through years of executive coaching experience, our Co-founder and Chief Insights Officer, Kirsti Tcherkoyan found that most companies do a great job of creating their strategic plan but it’s rarely connected to the work employees perform daily. Insights was born to address that gap. Insights provides clarity on job responsibilities, measurements of success, and the need for every employee to be known within their organization.

Our mission is to make every company a great place to work. We partner with organizations to build cultures of collaboration and transparency.

Our brand promise

People insights

Enlightened leaders & engaged employees


Trust built through 1:1’s

Core behaviors discussed often

Strategic alignment

Create a culture of feedback with core values woven into the fabric of your culture

Insightful customers

Giving back

Kirsti Tcherkoyan co-founded a nonprofit Tarajia Together Kenya which focuses on serving youth in Kenya with an education programs. She travels several times throughout the year to Kenya and Nairobi to help the youth in those communities be successful with their education and vocation training programs.